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That in the distance…it’s what you shoot for July 27, 2007

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that in the distance, that’s what you shoot forBusiness owners are neurotic. And disorganized. Neurotic and disorganized. I’m a business owner. And I work for business owners.

And I launched full boar into this whole business thing the same week I started working out, which, aside from the 2 weeks of incredible pain also builds what I call “the OCD muscle”.

I’m convinced it’s a muscle. It gets bigger the more active I am.

So here I am, neurotic, behind the ball (in defeating the infernal flab, in projects for work and potential client base, projects for self…I’ve promised myself for a long time that I’d organize a cookbook binder, or…how hard it is to blog every day? and I am sadly triumphant merely because all the laundry is done AND folded.) and having an OCD fit because of the aforementioned lack of progress and neuroses.

 Good. This is good. Admission…that’s good too. It’s a start anyway. So here’s a blog. Here’s to a page full of reviews and literature and telling disclosure.

And maybe something creative and good, just once in a while.

 I’m just picking up where I left off. Can’t say I didn’t follow through, just…backslid for a while. maybe the key to consistency is change.)

Favorites: sore abs, water, cooking, clean laundry and the resulting smell, catching up, candy from Aaron


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