hey there flywheel…

We bend to find possibility amid madness and opportunity among madmen. Anything but the Normals.

July 31, 2007

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It’s what you fight for

We rode west this weekend. 60 miles out, we drove past this sign (in the middle of a cemetary, and even though we were riding through Freedom, Indiana, I couldn’t help but note on the irony of a big “freedom” sign starkly placed among the dead….)

Anyway, we turned around and took some photos.  Today I’m brown. hippie brown.

 We needed some encouragement, this week Things were a little bleak since the last client hiccough. I guess I don’t look at setbacks as something to deter you, or by any means as the end of the road. More, a part of it. I still feel it, though. But not like A. A grinds to a jarring halt. Then it’s like just one pedaling a bicycle for two. But we’re learning together. We got our encouragement, today. Our potential “national” client got back in touch with us…and I got two prospects for work, one for Adeptio and one for photography.

It’s close to time to go to the gym. 5 days last week. When the payoff comes…

my horizon sits lazy
eternal beyond me
and I run in place
over miles of ground

all of this pavement
soaks up my fever
that falls from my furrious
will to turn this wheel around

maybe just once…


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