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bringing sticky back… November 17, 2007

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hpim41141.jpgThis is Pablo. I just like him.
I don’t stick to much.  Don’t stick to blogging faithfully in one spot. Got myspace and blogger and here and 6 notebooks of diverse theme….(the plain green spiral, with black chewed pencil tucked in the rings, for when I’m organic, faded denim, hobo poet, patchouli and clove, 3rd world, egalitarian, knit my own slippers, plant a tree, drink water. The creased Florentine with red leather spine for when I’m Parisian, scarved and hatted, haute monde, gourmand, debutante, professional, well turned, wistful and shrewd. The non-descript black leather for when I’m Hemmingway, photographer, old-soul, just a whisper, leather shoulder bag, all eyes, invisible ink. Never have the right book with me at the right time. Started carrying them all, and transcribing them to various blogs here. Seems a little self absorbed, to need an audience that badly, and a little rediculous since…no one reads them) …Speaking of no one reading them, this is my other dilemma. I wish to be able to write freely and without censor. To write the things I couldn’t tell A, or M or any of them. Not because I have secrets, per se, just sometimes there is a need for candor without anyone evaluating it’s accuracy or intent. The irony then becomes that the best things I write are then, and then I want to share, but cannot. Maybe the truth is I am fearful that the truth inside of me will be unacceptable to the ones I love, which makes me…unaccepatable.

I don’t stick to much. But I’m trying.

 Just read an article by one Francis Lam, in Gourmet mag. Helluva writer, this guy. Leaves his paragraphs unresolved. Made me want to own a restaurant called Greenhouse. Name has nothing to do with food, I know. But it’d be in a greenhouse, so I guess it makes sense. I was thinking…small, all glass, plants everywhere. Fireplaces everywhere, Heavy wood tables, giant stone floors, candles, heavy curtains to divide the table spaces, strung with lights across the top like a european piazza…incense to compliment the scents of the food and my favorite part (A’s idea…) I don’t want to cook, but I want to write all the recipes, from travels and experiementing. I want to serve 7 courses, different each night of the week, always changing, and talk to the guests, tell the stories of how I got each one….will, of course, have to travel frequently, to continue coming up with new stuff. Oh well.


Love; coffee, pencils, magazines, loft spaces, pictures

Word of the day

e·gal·i·tar·i·an [i-gal-i-tair-ee-uhn]


1. asserting, resulting from, or characterized by belief in the equality of all people, esp. in political, economic, or social life.

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