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apples and cheese, quiet and afternoon December 10, 2007

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day four. i am a human resources genius. (don’t wag your finger at me, it’s not arrogance, it’s positivity) i have developed the mother of all performance review systems. i am prepared to rant, at the drop of a hat, about the newly accepted rules of do and do not within the new world of employee handling, where “corporate culture” and “(warm fuzzy) experience”, as well as “positive(read indirect and limp) reinforcement” all go hand in hand, like some bizarre marriage of parenting and party hosting. Nonetheless, i am ‘to-the-minute’ in my strategy and presentation, and while i remain appropriately unimpressed externally (“well,obviously this is how it’s done and obviously I was able to determine the right cohesive system for your company within 4 days, it’s my job!”) Internally I’m like “WOO! I AM SO IMPRESSED WITH ME RIGHT NOW (flash back, ‘im good with this little girl, aren’t I?’ moment, 7 years old holding my infant baby sister, her – red face, squalling, head lolling, and me, proud of my superior handling skills.)

 i am also impaired by my inate urge to collect and fill boxes. example; intricate leather box with round brass piping bought for me by my Aunt, reminded me of inky scraps of notebook paper, scribbled love letters with editorial exerpts in the margins, so naturally I stored those and only those there. later, a bright yellow cigar box, the fresco on the lid of colorful greeks with olive laden laurel wreaths holding decanturs of wine, pictures go in this, i said and so…43 boxes later, with each category neatly partitioned off, (so unlikely a trait from so disorganized a soul) now, instead of just being able to live/write/work partition free, i have notebooks for certain moods, pages for certain types of blog (blog hosting sites for differnt types of writing) outfits for different moods, and none of these ever seem to mingle or match….

 Case in point just occurred, here I’ve been blogging about our business things, A’s and mine…in my blog, my personal one, but when he asked what i was doing and i told him, he said confusedly ‘that goes in our blog right?’

um, yes. well, but sort of. it should go there, too, but here also.

i don’t know.


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