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dialtone December 12, 2007

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i finally got some Christmas and birthdaying done. (although I made a list the other day and found to my surprise that i actually have been hoarding and stockpiling much better than i had originally thought. now if only i can remember where i put everything) i got the reservations made for the dinner (provision – a said to me that next year for his birthday he wanted to take his friends out to eat. we’re doing it this year.) with extensive menu planning involved [note to self….determine and make cake] ….got the birthday present boughten. on the off chance that a has figured out where this blog is, i’m just not going to talk about it in any traceable fashion until after the birthday. he is the biggest spoiler on earth. (i just typed ‘earch’. i’m sure he’s the biggest spoiler there, too)

have gotten no work done and my good hair from this morning has turned into something awful, like how at midnight the magic dress turns back to rags, well…whatever good juju was happening to my hair this morning has worn off.

 the hippy e-mailed a. i probably shouldn’t care. in fact, i didn’t in the begining. but after a while you just get tired of the past continually offering itself. go away, past. you were nice, we give you a fond nod, but you don’t belong here, in now. most of us don’t want to be reminded of you continually, especially not in the form of you presenting yourself again for consideration.

please be nice. go away.

 favorites; no.2 pencils, coffee, the substantial weight of holding in my hands the documents and systems that i have written, buying presents for a, black pants, Christmas carols, fernie, the upcoming saturday wherein i get to Christmas shop (first incarnation typing = Christmas hop. Also something to consider), just….Christmastime, gourmet magazines for the articles, bon appetit/cooking light for the recipes, good olive oil and cheese


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