hey there flywheel…

We bend to find possibility amid madness and opportunity among madmen. Anything but the Normals.

divinia and collette January 7, 2008

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the twins

they are the twins, little old southern bells, sitting shoulder to shoulder, almost alike but each a standalone. divinia is more practical, earth tones, plain, modern, uniform and sterner somehow. collette is pastel, and secrets, uneven and messy, history and lost in memory, the smiler to her sisters stoicism. they compliment each other.

i will post pictures of them.

divinia.jpg she is divinia. she’s actually a little bit lacier, really, but her colors are more practical. her insides are more practical too. she’s just stoic-er. you can’t tell so well in these photos. the day was grey. look haunted here.

Collette   here is collette. she’s more cheerful and whimsical. greens and blushes and yellows on white. they just both look cranky here.


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