hey there flywheel…

We bend to find possibility amid madness and opportunity among madmen. Anything but the Normals.

hello, my name is fig and i have chronic writersbrain January 18, 2008

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be quiet and just read, i tell myself.

yes, that’s great advice, and i’d really like to, but i’m afraid that’s not possible, i replied.
it needs to be possible, i retort, your know-it-all self isn’t going to get very far like this. (I deliver the blow) you’re just like your…

don’t say it, i plead in return

you need to hear it. you always just want to yap about anything that flies into your head and then you wonder why you’re not interesting or diverse. you’re narrow and stale. now read. – the commanding reply

but i….

 nope. not listening. pick up the book

seriously, i had a thou….

doesn’t matter. you’ll have another. you swore to me you’d do this.

but i need…

you need to read. learn. become really hungry, insatiable in fact, unable to contain the interesting. now stop procrastinating. i won’t say it again.

 <conflicted, stubborn face>


(the writer always has the last word)


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