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apoi atunci energie January 31, 2008

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which means…

“…then go!”

 it’s been almost a decade since i went to Romania last, and lately it seems like i’m being confronted with reminder after reminder of my mission – stumbling upon this web presentation where Mr. Carroll says “It was impossible to see the conditions these children were livingin and not do something about it” (how familiar does that sound? if you didn’t automatically think to yourself “she’s been saying that since 2000”, you either don’t know me or I’ve fooled myself, and have forgotten to let the inner monologue OUT on the important issues), finding a website through a myspace music program about “The Invisible Children” where they talk about turning apathy into activism. (“AGAIN!” my inner monologue shouts “THATS WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING”….but not what I’ve been DOING, so it doesn’t really count…)

So I started putting together some preliminary ideas for how to get it going. Compiling everything I’ve written with a foreward about using the book as a fund raising vehicle for the children, self-publishing and selling….creating a Pecha Kucha (Pronounced “pechatchka”), singing the National Anthem to raise awareness (similar to Albert of the American Eagle Foundation) but every time I go to start in and tell the story I realize just how disconnected I really am – not only was my experience nearly a decade ago and therefore terribly outdaed in terms of current issues, but also – I was there with a team, as a 17 year old who didn’t experience or see anything outside of the team agenda. Not that that was bad, but its just not enough. And so I did some more thinking and whining, to Aaron about how the guys @ Invisible Children just picked up their cameras and went and GOT their story, first hand.

And Aaron looked at me. Dryly. and said…

 “then go!”

 (I found myself arguing with him….”Right, like you’d let me go alone. You wouldn’t even let me walk across the street from the office downtown to get a soda, by myself.” – To which he responded “Yeah, but walking across the street to get a soda isn’t your passion!”

alright then. I will.  No more excuses. I e-mailed some people I know who live there, about accomodations, I’ve put the word out about a digital SLR (Not necessary, bu certainly beneficial, since my camera is pretty dis-abled compared to the scope of what I’d like to do) and I’ve researched plane fares. I think I can do it for 1,000 beans, and that would include airfare, food, and a gift for a host family.  Maybe 1,200 is more realistic.  We’ll see.

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