hey there flywheel…

We bend to find possibility amid madness and opportunity among madmen. Anything but the Normals.

About Face November 29, 2006


Click the image above to visit lulu and purchase my e-book of photos – I finally worked up the nerve to put some of my artistic stuff out there in the hopes of raising funds to get Malachi’s Door off the ground. In short, Malachi’s Door is a non-profit organization which provides children who have been born into a future-less circumstance…a new hope and a future (through housing, education, health care, aggressive adoption placement in the case of orphans and most of all, love, hope and healing) . For more information about the organization, its progress and its origination pleaes feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me at mczinke@hotmail.com ….I hope you enjoy the pictures! (if for some reason it doesn’t pull up a page featuring the same cover as the image above try searching reference # 2003136)

125_125_banner_b1.jpg   Please click and play. Builds your words, reduces hunger. Beat my score (level 43)



(maybe not that. maybe more like…)

Joyful Girl – Ani DiFranco
Hide & Seek – Imogen Heap
Come Rain or Come Shine – The Frank
Yoshimi/Somewhere over the rainbow -Chris Shaffer
You Belong To Me – Dylan

(that’s so not the half of it…..)

I believe …you gotta make something out of life, change something, stir it up, live your dreams like skin and breeeeaaathee into them with all your life. You gotta…muster….rally….be

(and messy is okay
and hopeful
but certain

only because you get back up, always back up, no other option, just up, just up, just up….

I believe in love. I believe it’s a choice, a gift and something you control. And when you control it, it sweeps you away. Surprises you.

I believe in faith, in colors, in the sweat on the brow of the determined.

And someday I will

Fly a plane
Travel to collect exquite recipes and ingredients
Own a restaurant
Help other people make it
Be completely fit
Save my orphans
Follow through
Send Christmas cards
Organize my music
Be published
Get my degree
http://listography.com/fig  (there’s the rest of it)

And until then I

can’t get enough of getting there.

for daily blogs, check the archives. For reviews, recipes or personal creative pieces…see the above buttons. for instructions in spanish…check back after I’ve finished number 43 on the list…


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